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Wall-SMART for iPAD

Installation of the Wall-SMART for iPad, Crestron Touchpanel and Lutron Keypad

-April, 2014

Wall-SMART Flush Mounts

Wall-SMART demonstrates Savant, Lutron and Schneider Keypad Flush Mounts

-April, 2014

Caseta Wireless: Setting Up the In-Wall Dimmer Kit

Learn how to replace a single-pole switch with a Caseta Wireless in-wall dimmer and pair it with the Pico remote control.

-April, 2014

Lutron - Battery Powered Shades

check out Lutron's Triathlon Roller Shades demonstrated at CEDIA 2013

-April, 2014

Lutron - RadioRA2 System

Lutron's RadioRA-2 system demonstration at CEDIA 2013.

-April, 2014

Lutron - New Shading Innovations

Check out the latest in Lutron automated shades, including new technology, new styles and a refreshed fabric line with over 1,500 choices.

-April, 2014

Lutron Electronics YouTube Channel

Lutron Electronics YouTube Channel - Learn the How, Where and Why of lighting control with these helpful videos.  How to install, where to install, and why you should use lighting controls.