Bell & McCoy Companies

The Legend Behind the Logo

People often wonder about our hillbilly logo.  We take pride in him (yes, we do refer to him as a person!) and the history, challenges and successes he represents.  We hope you enjoy this first-hand account of how he came to be...

As told by Dan McCoy:
Bell & McCoy evolved from a dream to reality on June 1, 1972 in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Gene Bell's desires were to establish our company as a bonified professional Manufacturers' Representative organization, incorporated with a Board of Directors, Accountant, etc.  My main focus and number one responsibility was to sell the only product we represented at the time, Allied Moulded Products, so we could feed our families.   We both agreed to develop a product catalog to advertise and promote our company.  What better venue to have our initial Board of Director's meeting than a quiet little smokey no-name bar on Fulton Road in North Houston?  After electing Gene as our President (he drew the longer straw) and myself as Vice-President of the newly established Bell & McCoy (with no sales and no revenue coming in), our next idea was to create a unique and catchy logo to connect our names to the electrical industry.  After 20 minutes watching us brainstorm about lightning bolts, stars and non-related gimmicks, the cocktail waitress at the bar asked what we were working on.  We explained our challenge and she asked if she could assist in our dilema.  She went over to the bar, drew a logo on a napkin, and returned in less than ten minutes.  Now, all of these years later, the logo of Bell & McCoy is recognized nationwide in the electrical industry as a successful Manufacturers' Rep Agency.  As we continue to live Bell & McCoy's legacy, the little man with the jug serves as a reminder to never give up on your dreams.

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